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Die SSAW von 2015 - 2019

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16 Teilnehmer aus 9 Nationen

15-48 Jahre alt

Vorbereitung für die Berufsschule 2019

Von 2015 bis 2018 unterstützten wir

899 Arbeitslose

Ø 3.2 Jahre arbeitslos

62.5% in den 1.Arbeitsmarkt vermittelt

Alter zwischen 19 und 61

Wir gestalten die Zukunft, in dem wir

national und international kooperieren

Partner in 4 Ländern

neue Projekte fördern

Projekt Disable = Enable

Social Services

So that your clients find their way back to the job market.


State-of-the-art technologies support the path to success.


Open position? Simply announce and already occupied.


562 “Müller” have job thanks to 302 companies.


Education and training

Since training began in 2018, the SSAW Foundation has been helping candidates between the ages of 18 and 47 to successfully find a training place. The ABU (Allgemein bildender Unterricht) learning studio was established for the start of training in 2019 in order to prepare trainees for vocational school.

A 19-year-old mother of a 1-year-old son started her training as a retail trade specialist EFZ 2 years ago. She had to abandon this apprenticeship due to pregnancy and tried in vain to obtain a new apprenticeship in the KV sector. After a trial internship as a cook arranged by SSAW, she now has a training position as an EFZ cook in 2019.

A 26-year-old mother of 3 children from Brazil was first given a 3-month training internship in caretakers. Following her wish, she was then given a chance for a shortened six-month internship in a nursery school. Supported by support instruction in German at SSAW, this could be converted into training as an EFZ childcare specialist.

Permanent employment

Fit for the labour market: Targeted support services. Participants from 19 to 65 years old.

Example Martina, 56 years old, management function, unemployed for over 3 years: e-test, workshops preparation, support for job acquisition, support during probationary period.

Example Peter, 44, unskilled, unemployed for 5 years and dependent on social benefits: E-test, application documents, setting goals, placement and supervision of training internship in the company.

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Trained 46 year old body tinsmith EFZ with little experience in the learned profession had worked so far only temporarily. He could be given a 3-month training internship with option. After the candidate’s uncertainty, the internship was extended by 2 months and he received a contract for a permanent position.

A 38-year-old trained retail trade specialist EFZ with a Higher Business Diploma (HWS) lost her job after the birth of her 2nd child and a separation from her partner. After 4 years of unemployment, she was offered a 3-month training internship in an IT company. She now works 50% as management assistant.

Selection of employees

Im Zeitraum 2015 bis 2018 kooperierte die SSAW mit über 300 Unternehmen aus 28 Branchen; Tendenz steigend. So unterstützt die Stiftung diese Unternehmen auch bei der Selektion von Mitarbeitern und vermittelt erfolgreich geeignete Arbeitnehmer.

A gardening and landscaping company could not find a suitable candidate for the position of gardener and asked for help. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in this profession, the Foundation’s search was expanded. The position was ultimately filled to the full satisfaction of the company with a 46-year-old trained lithographer EFZ, who is striving for reorientation.

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A 38-year-old trained retail trade specialist EFZ with a Higher Business Diploma (HWS) lost her job after the birth of her 2nd child and a separation from her partner. After 4 years of unemployment, she was offered a 3-month training internship in an IT company. She now works 50% as management assistant.

Wir Danken für Ihre Unterstützung


Why Donate?

The SSAW depends on your donation. This helps people who are not supported by any social institute. We focus on the integration into the labour market: apprenticeships – internships in companies – permanent positions.

Every donation is 100% to the benefit of our candidates.


The payment can be provided with a message.


Swiss Foundation for Work and Further Education SSAW

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About Us


The foundation has set itself the goal of supporting people in Switzerland and promoting their competitiveness in the labour market, so that they can

  • Swiss residents who are willing to work are not excluded from the labour market because of their age or because they have received the wrong training or further education.
  • the Swiss economy finds the necessary skills in Switzerland and thus has fewer reasons to relocate jobs abroad.
  • promoting mobility within Europe in this sense.

To this end, the Foundation promotes programs for the establishment and development of organizations that support the Foundation’s mission.

The Foundation’s active work is based on a wide range of services, market data and systems that bring people to the fore,

  1. what expertise and skills are sought after in the marketplace, and
  2. which are the best training measures for maintaining and improving their personal employability.

In the years from 2015 to 2018, the Foundation has achieved a number of successes. Here is a summary.

  • New agency in Chur

    Since 1 May 2019, the Foundation has established an agency in Chur, centrally located at the railway station. The head of the agency is Gregor Bühler, +41 79 629 92 85.

  • Panel discussion to Personal Swiss 2019 on 3.4.2019

    Under the moderation of Tino Senoner, well-known representatives from politics and business discussed the impact of industry 4.0 on the labour market at a Personal Swiss 2019.

  • Interview with Tino Senoner on the labour market 4.0

    In an interview at Personal Swiss 2019, Tino Senoner explains the changes in the job market’s requirements profile that go hand in hand with the ongoing digitalisation of the industry (4.0). Youtube-Video

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